Gift set น้ำผึ้งดอกลำไย 700 กรัม x 2

Longan Honey Gift set 700 g. x 2

Longan honey brown aroma, taste, sweeter than honey, lychee. The color is darker, not so much honey and the state does not change with temperature, even leaving it in the refrigerator.

Benefits of Honey
Honey is known to man since ancient times. You have the full benefit of the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics.

1. Benefits cuisine
Honey can be used as an ingredient Or be included in the diet, which has a sweet taste and is rich in vitamins (B-Complex) minerals, amino acids and 16 kinds and helpful. Food carbo hydrate dรฉcor that provides energy to the body. Enzymes and proteins are easily digested.

2. Drug Benefits
Honey decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. And antioxidant properties, which is Dan's help inhibit the growth of bacteria, healing wounds. Deter and destroy germs Liver, kidney, intestine, helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Reduce body heat Relieve fatigue it also helps remove toxins from the body. Honey is a sweet, refreshing lemon soothes a sore throat.

3. Benefit Cosmetics
A product of natural beauty from inside to outside the body and nourish your skin look and feel refreshed. The balance of the body and is ideal for those who want to lose weight and energy.
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