Lime Honey Glaze

Product Description

Lime honey glaze (Premium Quality Perfect Health)

The Perfect Combination!
Sour limes enhance the flavor and benefits of honey through citric acid. This healthy combination
“Lime Honey” will clean out toxins and add ability for your body to heal.

Pure Honey 5 grade pure premium
You will experience the sweetness of the honey from the flowers of the natural ecosystems of the northern region of Thailand is the fifth month of honey, a rare and expensive. Enriched with vitamins and minerals that help the body process, store and clean atmosphere to meet international standards.

Key Lime: Miracle benefit
Key Lime is a plant that has medicinal properties, one in Thailand, the Thailand ancient known not only for water only useful but all whether the seeds, leaves and roots of our products is a lemon, the result is. the health benefits fully And the sweet-sour taste, like eating fresh lemon honey ever.
มะนาวเชื่อมน้ำผึ้ง 150 กรัม

Lime Honey Glaze 150 g.

มะนาวเชื่อมน้ำผึ้ง 100 กรัม

Lime Honey Glaze 100 g.


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